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HX9001-Power Distribution Switch
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HX9001-Power Distribution Switch


Ø  200mΩ Typ. High-Side MOSFET

Ø  1.3A Current Limit

Ø  Low Quiescent Current: 60μA

Ø  Wide Input Voltage Range: 2V ~ 5.5V

Ø  Minimizes Board Space

Ø  Thermal Protection

Ø  Small SOT-23-5L Package


Typical Application Circuit













The HX9001 is an integrated 200mΩ power switch for self-powered and bus-powered Universal Series Bus (USB) applications. Its low quiescent supply current (60μA) and small package (SOT-23-5L) is particularly suitable in battery-powered portable equipment.

Several protection functions include soft start to limit inrush current during plug-in, current limiting at 1.3A to meet USB power requirement, and thermal shutdown to protect damage under over current condition.



Ø  Battery-Powered Equipment

Ø  Motherboard USB Power Switch

Ø  Hot-Plug Power Supplies

Ø  Battery-Charger Circuits

Ø  USB Device Power Switch

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