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HX3248C- Boost LED Driver
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HX3248C- Boost LED Driver


Ø  Input Voltage Range: 2.2V to 6V

Ø  Programmable LED Current

Ø  Drives LEDs up to 26V

Ø  Switching Frequency: up to 800kHz

Ø  Wide Dimming Frequency Range: 20kHz to 360kHz

Ø  Programmable Overvoltage Protection

Ø  Tiny SOP8/PP Package


Typical Application Circuit














The HX3248C is a step-up DC/DC converter with a constant current to drive white LEDs or similar. The device can drive up to eight LEDs in series from a Li-Ion cell. The LED current is set by the external resistor (RSET) and is directly regulated by the feedback (FB) voltage (typ: 200mV) across the external resistor RSET.

To ensure maximum safety during operation, the output has integrated overvoltage protection that prevents damage to the device in case of some fault conditions. The OVP voltage can be programmed by two external resistors.

The HX3248C is available in a tiny SOP8/PP package.




Ø  Cellular Phones

Ø  Handheld Devices

Ø  MP3 Players

Ø  GPS Receivers

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