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HX3143-Constant-Current LED Driver
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HX3143-Constant-Current LED Driver


Ø  Wide Input Voltage Range: 4V ~ 20V

Ø  Programmable LED Drive Current: 10mA to 1.2A

Ø  Typical 5% Output Current Accuracy

Ø  High Efficiency: up to 95%

Ø  Adjustable Constant LED Current

Ø  Available in a SOT-23-6L Package


Typical Application Circuit
















The HX3143 is a 20V/1.2A high-efficiency buck constant-current LED driver, designed for driving single or multiple series connected LED efficiently. The device operates from an input supply between 4V and 20V and provides an externally adjustable output current of up to 1.2A. Depending upon the supply voltage and external components, the HX3143 can provide 10 watts of LED.

The HX3143 includes the power switch which operating frequency up to 600kHz.  The HX3143 is available in SOT-23-6L Package.



Ø  Low voltage halogen replacement LEDs

Ø  Automotive lighting

Ø  Low voltage industrial lighting

Ø  Constant Current Source

Ø  SELV lighting

Ø  RGB High Brightness LED lighting

Ø  LCD TV backlighting

Ø  LED back-up lighting

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