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HX6203-Li-Ion Switch Mode Battery Charger
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HX6203-Li-Ion Switch Mode Battery Charger


Ø  Input Supply Range: 9V ~ 14V

Ø  End-Charge-Current Detection Output

Ø  Constant Switching Frequency for Minimum Noise 

Ø  Automatic Battery Recharge

Ø  Automatic Shutdown When Input Supply is Removed

Ø  Automatic Trickle Charging of Low Voltage Batteries

Ø  Battery Temperature Sensing

Ø  Stable with Ceramic Output Capacitor

Ø  SOP-8L Package


Typical Application Circuit














The HX6203 is a complete battery charger controller for two (8.4V) cells lithium-ion batteries. The HX6203 provides a small, simple and efficient solution to fast charge Li-ion battery. An external sense resistor sets the charge current with high accuracy.

An internal resistor divider and precision reference set the final float voltage to 8.4V. When the input supply is removed, the HX6203 automatically enters a low current sleep mode.

The HX6203 is available in the SOP-8L package.



Ø  Charging Docks

Ø  Handheld Instruments

Ø  Portable Computers


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