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HX6202C-Li-Lon Switch Mode Battery Charger
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HX6202C-Li-Lon Switch Mode Battery Charger


Ø  Input Supply Range: 4.7V ~ 6V

Ø  Maximum Charge Current: 1.8A

Ø  High Efficiency Current Mode PWM Controller

Ø  End - Charge - Current Detection Output

Ø  Constant Switching Frequency for Minimum Noise

Ø  ±1% Charge Voltage Accuracy

Ø  Automatic Battery Recharge

Ø  Automatic Shutdown When Input Supply is Removed

Ø  Automatic Trickle Charging of Low Voltage Batteries

Ø  Battery Temperature Sensing

Ø  Stable with Ceramic Output Capacitor

Ø  SOP8/PP Package


Typical Application Circuit













The HX6202C is a complete battery charger controller for one (4.22V) cell lithium-ion battery. The HX6202C provides a small, simple and efficient solution to fast charge Li-ion battery. An external sense resistor sets the charge current with high accuracy. An internal resistor divider and precision reference set the final float voltage to 4.22V per cell with ±1% accuracy.

When the input supply is removed, the HX6202C automatically enters a low current sleep mode, dropping the battery drain current to 4µA. After the charge cycle ends, if the battery voltage drops below 4.05V per cell, a new charge cycle will automatically begin.

The HX6202C is available in the SOP8/PP package.



Ø  Charging Docks

Ø  Handheld Instruments

Ø  Portable Computers

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