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HX1001-Synchronous Buck DC/DC Converter
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HX1001-Synchronous Buck DC/DC Converter


Ø  Up to 95% Efficiency

Ø  Current Mode Operation for Excellent Line and Load Transient Response

Ø  700mA Output Current

Ø  Low Quiescent Current: 200μA

Ø  Output Voltage: 0.6V ~ 5.5V

Ø  Automatic PWM/PFM Mode Switching

Ø  No Schottky Diode Required

Ø  Frequency Operation: 1.0MHz for Fixed Output Voltage and 1.4MHz for Adjustable Output Voltage

Ø  Short-Circuit Protection

Ø  Shutdown Quiescent Current: <1μA

Ø  Low Profile TSOT/ SOT-23-5L Package (lead-free packaging is now available)

Typical Application Circuit












The HX1001 is high efficiency synchronous, PWM step-down DC/DC converters working under an input voltage range from 2.2V to 5.5V. This feature makes the HX1001 suitable for single Li-Lon battery-powered applications. 100% duty cycle capability extends battery life in portable devices, while the quiescent current is 200μA with no load, and drops to <1μA in shutdown.
The internal synchronous switch is desired to increase efficiency without an external Schottky diode. The 1.0MHz/1.4MHz switching frequency allows the using of tiny, low profile inductors and ceramic capacitors, which minimized overall solution footprint.
The HX1001 converters are available in the industry standard TSOT/SOT-23-5L power packages (or upon request).


Ø  Digital cameras and MP3

Ø  Palmtop computers / PDAs

Ø  Cellular phones

Ø  Wireless handsets and DSL modems

Ø  Portable media players

Ø  PC cards


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