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HX7605-Power Management IC for Li-Ion Battery
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HX7605-Power Management IC for Li-Ion Battery


Ø  High Accuracy Switch-Mode Li-Ion Battery Charger

Ø  Programmed Charge Current up to 1.3A

Ø  Step-up DC-DC Converter: Fixed Output Voltage (5.05V)

Ø  Short-Circuit Protection

Ø  Minimal External Components

Ø  SSOP-16L Package


Typical Application Circuit















The HX7605 is a complete, cost effective, high-efficient solution that is ideal for Li-Ion Battery Powered Mobile Supply.

VBAT is a complete switch-mode battery charger for one cell (4.2V) lithium-ion battery. The VBAT provides a small, simple and efficient solution to fast charge Li-ion battery with maximum charge current programmable up to 1.3A, set using an external current sense resistor.

VOUT5 (5.05V) is a step-up DC-DC converter with internal power MOSFETs. It achieves 2A (with NMOS 2318) continuous output current over a wide input supply range with excellent load and line regulation.

The HX7605 is available in a low profile SSOP-16L package.


Ø  Portable Devices and PDAs

Ø  MP3/MP4 Players

Ø  Wireless Handhelds

Ø  GPS Receivers, etc.

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