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HX3008-TFT-LCD Power Supply
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HX3008-TFT-LCD Power Supply


Ø  Input Voltage Range: 2.5V ~ 5.5V

Ø  Main Output, AVDD

—Adjustable Voltage

—Load current up to 40mA@10V

—Efficiency up to 75%

Ø  Positive Output, VGH

—Adjustable Voltage up to 20V@2mA

Ø  Negative Output, VGL

—Adjustable Voltage low to -20V@2mA

Ø  Soft-Start

Ø  Over-current protection cycle by cycle

Ø  Thermal shutdown

Ø  DFN-12L Package



Typical Application Circuit













The HX3008 DC-DC converter supplies all three voltages required by small thin film transistor (TFT) liquid crystal display (LCD) panels. The compact HX3008 uses a single inductor to generate independently regulated positive and negative outputs.

The main output, AVDD, is post-regulated to provide a low-ripple source drive voltage for the LCD display. The auxiliary outputs generate a boosted output voltage, VGH, up to 20 V, and a negative output voltage, VGL,        low to -20 V for the LCD gate drive. The device has internal over-current protection cycle by cycle and thermal shutdown for high reliability during fault conditions.

The HX3008 is available in a DFN-12L package.



Ø  Small Form Factor a-Si and LTPS TFT LCD


Ø  Cellular Phones

Ø  MP3 Players

Ø  GPS Receivers

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